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Grading At Our Club

Our Club conducts Gradings three times a year. These take place on a Sunday at the beginning of March, the middle of July and at the beginning of November each year. The actual date for each of these gradings varies from year to year but generally they will be on the first Sunday of the month or the third depending on the month the grading is taking place. The venue, however, always remains the same and is:

Cockfosters & N Southgate Synagogue Hall ( 1st Floor)
Old Farm Avenue
N14 5QR

In line with the spirit of openness we hold dear to our hearts we try to share as much information as possible with our Students. To this effect the cost of grading at our club is simply a 5.00 charge for the pre-grading warm-up lesson and 20.00 for the Grading itself making a total charge to Grade of 25.00, from beginner up to and including 1st Kyu. All gradings start at the same time regardless of the time of the year. The pre-grading warm up begins at 9.45 a.m. ending at 10.30 a.m. There then follows a 15 minute break recommencing at 10.45 a.m. for the grading itself. Finishing times obviously depend on the number of students that are grading but generally an email will be sent out to all students advising them of when this might be, once everyone has applied to grade.

For Kyu grades up to an including 4th Kyu our Club does not have a requirement for a minimum number of lessons to have been attended in order that students can grade. Individuals are assessed on their ability but obviously regular training is required to attain the necessary level to pass. Students themselves have the responsibility to make sure that they are ready to grade and permission is required from the student sensei (teacher) in order for them to attend. Whilst overall responsibility is with the student our Club and sensei do our utmost to encourage, assist and monitor all our students, providing them with every assistance possible in order that they can better themselves.

Please use this link to view Our Grading Structure




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